Thursday, 7 October 2010

Seven points on architectural history

Architectural history does not exist to fill the gap left by the decline in hagiography

Architectural history is a story in which the characters are the buildings not the architectural historians

Architectural history is like the detective novel in that geniuses commit most of the crimes

Architectural history is a form of aesthetic vivisection not another excuse for a cultural post-mortem

Architectural history can only ever be a partial and subjective witness to events and should be celebrated as such

Architectural history depends upon the discomforting experience of architecture not the comfort and security of the archive

Architectural history has no dress-code -  not the tweed jacket, not the black polo-neck, not the collar-less shirt


  1. I'd probably say that "Architectural history is defined by the interplay of the discomforting experience of architecture AND the comfort and security of the archive."

  2. I was going for stridency NOT commpromise ... but I take your point